French Immersion

Assumption Jr/Sr High School offers a French Immersion program at both the junior high and senior high level.

  • For junior high students (grades 7-9), all courses are taught in French instruction except English Language Arts and option courses. Therefore, a junior high student will have 6 periods a day (out of 8 periods) in French instruction.

  • For senior high students (grades 10-12), the program changes. We currently offer French Language Arts and Etudes-Sociales in French. This means a senior high student will have 1 out of 4 blocks a day in French instruction.

In addition to the classroom experiences, students have other opportunities to practice and enhance their French language skills.

Every two years, grade 8 – 10 students may have an opportunity to travel to Quebec for a week of francophone activities and culture.

Students from the French Immersion program participate in 1 to 2 French cultural activities each year.

When there is interest, senior high students have been able to travel to Europe to experience French culture in another part of the world.

Another opportunity for senior high French Immersion students is to write the DELF exam and, potentially, receive world recognized certification of their French skills. For more information on the DELF exam, please click on the download link below.