Cafeteria Information

Menu June 2022

The school cafeteria services are currently provided by Joly’s Fine Cuisine. Joly provides a daily hot breakfast and lunch as well as other grab and go items like muffins, sandwiches and smoothies. There is a daily special which ranges from $4 to $10. Check out our Facebook page for a list of the current weekly specials. Payment options available are cash or account. 

To put money in a student account, parents will need to complete an online process using their credit card or send a cheque/cash to school with your child. The money is then made available to each student via our digital cash register.

If you are new to the school you will need to phone our head secretary to have the account created for you. The link for creating the account is (this is also the link to login once an account has been created): Account Creation Once the account has been created you can then log in first from a laptop to activate and load the account. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Menu May 2022