Assumption School Activities & Clubs

School Clubs

There are several school clubs that students can become involved with. There are three important reasons why students are encouraged to be active members in one or more school activities:

  • The life of the school is dependent on the people who are members of the school. When students contribute to the school community, the school becomes a stronger and more vibrant place – a place where learning and growing happens in many ways and not just within the classroom walls.
  • Being involved in a school club promotes teamwork and interpersonal skills. Developing and enhancing these skills while still in junior/senior high is a critical step in fostering good citizenship and preparing for the future.
  • Most scholarship applications have a community service component. By being involved in the school clubs, students will have examples to include in the community service portion of their applications.

So … be an active member of your school community!

Students’ Union

This group of students take responsibility for organizing a variety of spirit activities to involve as many students as possible. They take on a leadership role in the planning and hosting of these events. Events include school dances, spirit days, as well as special events like Halloween, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. The members meet weekly during lunch to brainstorm and plan for the various activities. This is a fun group of people to be part of and you get a chance to really be involved in many different events. Come and join us!

Youth Liturgical Leadership

YLL is a group for students interested in helping to plan, lead, and participate in whole school faith development. We run monthly celebrations, either a Mass or a Liturgy, and seasonal events in Advent and Lent. On four days throughout the school year we meet for half a day with the YLL groups from the other schools in Lakeland Catholic in order to develop skills, knowledge, and support to carry out this leadership role. While our celebrations and activities must be of a Catholic nature, YLL welcomes all students interested in leading faith development in our school. Please see Mrs. Seguin for more information.

Dungeons and Dragons

You sneak your way through a musky dark cave slowly, crouched, sword in hand. Each step is quieter than the last in hopes of not waking the giant red dragon sleeping atop its hoard of treasure. Each deep sleeping breath that the dragon exhales brings you one step closer to your goal until you step on a twig and SNAP, the dragon’s eye opens. The dragon bellows and you prepare yourself for combat! ROLL FOR INITIATIVE! Dungeons and Dragons Club is for those individuals interested in not just telling a story as a group…but participating in that story as well. D&D encourages critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, and teamwork for students in grades 7-12. Groups meet once a week at lunch and twice a week after school in Mr. Godin’s room with Mr. Todd, Mr. Millar, and Miss. Narsing. New players are taught the rules though a series of introductory sessions and can eventually test their mettle with advanced sessions. Senior players mentor and participate as story guides known as ‘Dungeon Masters’.

Axis and Allies

Axis and Allies club is a group of strategy—minded individuals from grade 7-12 who meet at lunches and once a month on Saturdays or Family Fridays to play strategy board games such as Axis and Allies, Risk, Magic, Fortress America and Attack!. We often have multiple games going on at any given time so everyone is welcome. Not sure how to play? No worries – come and watch then some of the senior players will help mentor you. The Axis and Allies club is located in Mr. Belsher’s classroom.